Christian Wennberg was born and raised in Stockholm by a Danish mom and a Swedish dad. At the age of 8 Christian and his friend had their own Theatre Company and played for parents and friends. Later in his early twenties, Christian made comedy sketches for Z-TV (former Swedish TV channel) which he directed and starred in. At the same time, he studied at Stockholm University, Economics, and Litterature but wasn´t fulfilled with his career choice and decided during his last semester to study acting at Calle Flygare Theatre School on the side.

After just  3 months at Calle Flygare, Christian quit school for a leading role "Rico Santos" in Nya Tider, a new daily show airing on TV4. After two years and almost 300 episodes,  Wennberg decided to resign from the show and apply for the prestigious Stockholm School of Dramatic Arts. Together with nine other actors from about 2000 applicants, he got accepted to enter the 4-year program.

Christian did his internship during his third year at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm with two contemporary plays, Sarah Canes "Cleansed" and "Herons" by Stephens Simons. Eventually when graduating Christian got engaged at the same Theatre, also known as the Swedish National Scene or The Ingmar Bergman Company. Later he also worked at Strindberg Intimate Theatre playing August Strindberg.

Christian has frequently worked on television in Sweden but in 2011 he landed a role in one of the biggest TV-shows at the time, "Weeds" airing in 86 countries. This opened the doors to Hollywood and an international career, and since then Christian has been working in the US, Europe, and Asia. He has an American O-1 working permit and is a member of the SAG-AFTRA union.

Name: Christian Wennberg

Date of birth: 09 / Sep / 1974

Nationality: Swedish / US Visa O-1

Union: SAG-AFTRA / Teaterförbundet

Email: info@christianwennberg.com

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